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I currently use to check out some series I later might watch in full in better quality. It provides links to several offerings from video streaming web services of a whole lot of series. One of them is megaupload and a howto download from there will follow but this article is about a quick one-liner to download from "" which has the advantage that in contrast to megavideo there is no daily limit imposed. The sleep 6 is important as the webserver seems to use that delay to make sure a human is clicking a button after that timeout and not a machine as doing it. The id variable comes from the url of the loombo video you want.

id=0ioy51cxit1b; wget `curl --silent --data "op=download2&id=$id&rand=\`curl \
--silent$id | sed -ne 's/<input type=\"hidden\" \
name=\"rand\" value=\"\(\w\+\)\">/\1/p'; sleep 6\`"$id | \
sed -ne "s/s1.addVariable('file','\(\S\+\)');/\1/p"`
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